Welcome to Pure Drop Oils with me – Carlene Muilwyk

I’m passionate about you taking control of your life, being in the drivers seat and empowering yourself with natural alternatives.

From your supporting you to feel better in your mind & body, cleaning your home naturally and getting your DIY on or even using essential oils as aromatic medicine.

How can I help you?

I teach and teach and teach!

I love the work I do and could not be more excited to meet you in person and chat about your needs. I can educate you on the most natural and trusted products on the market right now.

This is so important for you and your family… See what you put on your skin, in your cleaning products even in your medicine cabinet, for your mind and your body, matters.

We are lead to believe that any old products (even ones that claim to be “pure” or even organic) won’t give you the transparency and quality testing that the company I partner with (doTERRA) provides. When you start to use a product that is truly natural and truly pure you can actually start to trust what you’re using on your own body, and on your loved ones as you support your body in a way that’s incredibly safe, affordable and effective

Do you have questions about what we offer here?

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