South Africa

doTERRA has finally arrived in South Africa and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

If we’ve never met before, my name is Carlene and I am a South African living in Australia. I have 2 amazing little ones who I get the honour of leading and guiding through this life.
I’ve been in Australia for almost 8 years after marrying my hubby (who is Australian).
I have the greatest privilege to help guide and lead those who are ready to take control of their health and homes, and it fills my heart with joy daily!

Why are you here? Maybe you’ve heard the powerful stories, you just want to get an understanding of how essential oils work.
Maybe you are looking for an abundant business opportunity or a friend has shared my page with you because you want to learn more…

Whatever your journey into using these oils looks like it’s no accident that you are here and I am so excited that you are going to learn more, ask questions and start your journey to better health and overall wellness

I can’t wait to help you more 



Why is Doterra different to anything else you can find in Dischem or Clicks?

It all goes back to purity and safety!

All of the essential oils currently available in South Africa are either adulterated or impure. Yup there is are no essential oils on the market right now that are true and pure which means what you are using is probably not doing you any favours at all.

It’s so important to know where your essential oils are coming from and while I adore the Local is Lekker idea, sadly your health isn’t going to be so lekker if you continue to use essential oils and other products that are toxic and harmful to not only yourself but your whole family.

So wanna start saving money and make your own safer, non toxic products (cheaper to make your own too) at home then Doterra essential oils is the perfect place to start.

From making your own Sunscreen or dishwasher tablets to visiting the pharmacy less, our essential oils can fit perfectly into anyone’s lifestyle.

Not sure where to start? 

My absolute favourite, and the way I started my Doterra journey was with the Home Essentials kit

It has everything you need to make a real impact on your health and with 15ml bottles you get 250 drops of essential oil! That’s 250 uses for each bottle of oils you get. Since our oils are the purest on the market it means you only need 1 drop tp have an impact on your body!!!

Plus it include the awesome petal diffuser which is one of the best quality diffusers I’ve ever had!

If you are on a bit of a tighter budget then the Family Essentials Kit of a close 2nd best option.

It has all the same oils as the Fabulous Home Essential kit but on 5ml bottles (85 drops worth). A great starting point to try all the most popular oils and then as you find out which ones you love the most you can always restock the smaller bottles with the larger 15ml ones.

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