Heart & Hustle Week 6


How did you go with sampling this week?

Wasn’t it so eye opening to hear how Allyse samples her customers and take so much time to build relationships with those who she is helping!

I often feel like I forget this step in my business, the fact that a lot of our time is about people and helping them and yet I find myself knee deep in admin and posting online and trying to get new customers when it would be more useful for me to just invest time into those customers who are actually interested.

Well this wee we’re gonna look a little deeper into asking for classes!
I often hear from other wellness advocates that this can be such a difficult thing to keep active in their business. Once their ‘warm market’ is all tapped out we wonder how we can continue getting more classes.

In fact there are some months in my business where I seem to have quite a few classes up my sleeves and then other times when it’s like pulling teeth trying find someone to host one for me.

So here is what I do know about classes and getting people to host for you…

  1. We have no control over whether someone will say yes or no, but if we have decided for them before we have even asked then it’s an absolute definite NO! We have already given us the answer we expected. What we can do is just ask, just put the question out there and accept whatever they say.
    • Some Will
    • Some won’t
    • So what
    • Someone’s waiting!
  2. What we are in control of is creating a need for a class – show them the value of an essential oil class… Not the perks or incentives but rather the genuine need for them to have one.
    • What does your customer need your class?
    • What does a class do for your customer?
    • How does your customer benefit from your class?
  3. Show them the connection between their needs and how a class can fulfill that need.
  4. Keep a list of people who don’t come to your class and contact them to offer a sample, that way you start the steps all over again and by the time you ave finished sampling them you will have them at your next class.

Remember what we said before, you can control your energy; your words and your actions so use those as best you can and allow others to choose what they want to choose.

When you come in to conversations and relationships without expectations, those we are working with are much more likely to know this and feel the genuine heart which you bring to the connection.


What to do this week:

Each week there will be a few challenges, things to do in your own time and at your own pace.
Grab your diary and schedule in appropriate times for the following things

  1. This week we are purging! Yup this is something I do almost every 3 months and it’s been such a blessing to our home, my mind and the work I do. But what is purging? It’s simply the art of releasing things from our lives that no longer serve us or things that are holding us back. Take a look around your home and think about the items sitting on display, not your pretty pictures but the things you just have lying on counters or tabletops and think about the last time you reached for them or used them. If you can honestly say it’s over 6 months, then it’s no longer serving you anymore. Find a place for it or give it to someone who it can serve. An item is only as good as it’s usefulness… don’t let your items become un-useful. When we clutter our homes, our minds become cluttered too. Our environments matter, the spaces we create for ourselves and our families matter. In order to allow new things in, we need to be able to release what isn’t serving us anymore  and then make space for what is waiting for us. So this week take some bite size chunks out of your home. Maybe you just start with only keeping the clothes that you wear all the time and give those you no longer wear to those in need. Then move on to something else simple and easy to do (it’s not a whole house clean out unless you have time for that). Until eventually you have made your way around your home and feel so much freedom from your stuff! Allow your home to be a place of sanctuary, without the clutter and allow your mind to be free of the things around you!
  2. Don’t forget to move your body, by now you have hopefully been enjoying all that we have been doing over the last few weeks. Which one was your favourite so far? I’d love for you to do a nice mix of whatever you have loved the most, set up a routine for yourself and enjoy moving your body as much as you have time for and your body wants to do.
  3. Do you believe your classes will really change lives? Do you believe in the oils, their impact in your life, the differences they make to people!!! Mostly it’s time to believe in yourself! So this week we are going to make our  “I believe” blend to roll on your feet, abdomen or heart every single morning.
  4. Along with purging this week and looking into what you believe in, I want you to have a think about your mindset and how you view what you are doing each day. Sometimes our mindset is so often overlooked and forgotten about, you can’t tick it off your to-do list and it’s not like a bad back that twinges every time you bend over. So while it’s great to start making changes, drinking all the green juice out there and exercising your butt off… if we get to a point of obsession or anxiety trying to do all the things, then all your hard work won’t bring you any happiness at all. As Brene Brown says: “Perfectionism is not about healthy achievement and growth. Perfectionism is the belief that if we do things perfectly, look perfect, we can minimise or avoid the pain of shame, blame and judgement” So instead work towards a, ‘how can I improve?’ attitude. When something happens in your business, in your home or as you try to get healthier and stringer, and when something isn’t quite working out exactly how you want it to be…. THAT’S OK! Just try again! Don’t give up, don’t look for perfection but rather stay in the zone of healthy striving. Strive for what you want to achieve and if that doesn’t happen exactly, don’t get hung up and make camp in trying to make it perfect. Just do your best and enjoy the journey you’re on!
  5. When was the last time you welcomed in the sun? I can honestly say it’s been a long time for me, but I am so determined to change my bad habits. I’m currently reading the 5am club and I feel like there is so much time in my morning that I’m missing out on, yet I sit ever night watching Netflix and getting more and more tired. So this week, I’d like to invite you to join me as we greet the sun every morning with a well rested mind and heart. In bed before or around 9pm and reading if I don’t feel tired yet, then greeting the sun each morning with a cup of something warm! I hope you feel inspired to join me.

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