Heart & Hustle Week 5

    1. Before you do any of the next work jump back and watch our call from this week – HERE
    2. I know that sometimes asking someone if they want a sample can be so tricky and really I actually still get very, very nervous about it. It feels like you’re offering more than just a product but rather, just a little part of yourself too!  So this week we are going to make our  “I am Bold” blend to roll on your feet, abdomen or heart every single morning.
    3. Along with being bold and talking to people or giving them samples this week we are gonna get cold and try something new. Have you ever wanted to try Pilates, Yoga, dancing, Tennis, early morning boot camp? Whatever has always been on your “oh I wish I could do that” list this is your week to give it a try, to explore something new and fresh and get your body moving at the same time…. also it can’t be walking alone on the beach, I challenge you to try something in a group element. Make sure you share in our Whatsapp group what you’re gonna try this week, what’s on your “gotta try it at least once” list?
    4. Let’s talk about feeding your body with toxins! Well of course I know you aren’t doing it on purpose… heck even I slip up and make mistakes and really so often I had absolutely no idea I was even doing it. So what I really want you to look at this week is the ingredients in everything that you use, from your dishwasher tablets that leave their chemical traces on your crockery and cutlery and then you use to cook and eat with. To the lotions and products your using on your skin, which if you don’t know is super absorbent and takes all those chemicals into your blood stream. What I want you to be aware of is how much of your every day stuff is perhaps harming you more than helping you. p.s. if you want a recipe to start making your own or suggestions on products that you can switch your toxic stuff for just pop into our whatsapp group and ask away. I’m sure we can find just the right thing for you.
    5. There won’t be a call this week cause I’m gonna get you to listen to some awesome training from Allyse Sedivy who has created the Daily Mentor calls (p.s. once our course is done you really should consider doing her full course) There are 7 very short recordings to listen through, do them all at once or break them up into bite size chunks it’s totally your call.
      1. Call 7
      2. Call 8
      3. Call 9
      4. Call 10
      5. Call 11
      6. Call 12
      7. Call 13
      8. Call 14
    6. Sampling basics
      1. Always free
      2. Only 1 oil at a time (you want them to come back)
      3. 1 health challenge at a time and always the acute conditions (quick results)
      4. 10-20 drops of EO so it will be enough for a few applications.
      5. Go for the simplest challenge with the quickest results (for eg. if they have chronic fatigue or back pain, they will notice a huge difference with back pain support but won’t really notice if you give them a sample for chronic fatigue and will therefore think the oil doesn’t work)
    7. Here are examples of how I track those who ask me for samples. This one is for new customers and this one was for those who were interested on going onto LRP. All responses go into an online google excel doc and I then use those to follow up every now and then.




















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