Heart & Hustle Week 4

  1. By now you should have booked in slots of Work, Teach, Family & Rest into your diary like we talked about last week. So this week we are going to fill them up as best as our time allows us. Mostly we are going to be looking at the teaching slots. Now if you’ve not done a class before don’t worry there are a ton of options and all of them are great and should be pretty easy for you to pick at least 1 or 2 for March. If you need any help on how to structure a class, what to say etc then don’t worry we have you totally sorted!
  2. If you haven’t booked in for your first mentorship call I have opened my calendar for those who may have missed my last reminder to do this. This is the last week I’m opening up for this – BOOK HERE
  3. Our next call will be  super juicy and I can’t wait to connect with you all. Come join us Saturday at 7:30pm (Sydney) or 10:30am (Cape Town) Here is the link to access the call!
  4. Do you feel worthy to be a teacher? The straight up answer is Heck Yes!!! Get your oils out and make your I am Worthy” blend to roll on your feet, abdomen or heart every single morning. (I will include the list of oils you will need for each month so you can add any you’re missing to your LRP this month and I have given each oil an alternative so hopefully you can still make your blend with what you have).
  5. What did your body have to say to your last week? When you listened in did you notice something new, something different to what you thought? What did she have to say after you ate certain foods, was there a reaction you never noticed before and actually cutting that food out would be so beneficial to you? Well this week we are grounding our bodies. Did you know we are electrical beings? Little electrons constantly firing off between cells, messages are passed along our central nervous system. In basic terms it’s direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth.  Our current lifestyles are pulling us further and further away from the earth, rubber soled shoes, working indoors, hardly anyone gardens anymore, when last did you go for a picnic or run barefoot in the sand? Not to mention that we are constantly being surrounded by electronics all emitting wifi, bluetooth signals etc! So where does that leave us… well literally buzzing! This week I want you to connect with the earth every.single.day! Have a picnic in your back yard for dinner, do some digging in the garden with no gloves on, run along the beach, swim in the ocean, go for a barefoot walk, sit outside when you enjoy your next cuppa. Whatever you choose to do just get outside and enjoy earthing your body. Here is a in depth looks at how it all works and the benefits.
  6. How often do you cook from scratch? Sometimes this can sound so hard and just a little daunting but if you find the right kind of recipes you can really make some fabulous dinners in half the time. While you’re at it, if you are using wholesome nutritionally dense ingredients you will soon find yourself and your body thriving rather than living in a state of surviving! Try this yummy recipe this week and you let me know who yummy it was!
  7. Choose 2 or 3 of the class options in the class ideas booklet, set them up in your calendar for March and start telling the world it’s happening!




















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