Heart & Hustle Week 3

  1. Don’t forget to book in with me for your first mentorship call when you have a chance, the slots are booking up fast so please make sure you grab a time when you can. Think about all your questions and where you are heading/want to head so we can focus on those specifically. – BOOK HERE
  2. This week I want you to really sit in a moment by yourself! Play some gorgeous background type music (this is one of my favourites), of course you’re welcome to just sit in silence with your thoughts but I’d love for you to create some positive words for yourself before hand that I want you to repeat throughout the time you take with yourself. Things like “I’ve got this”, “even though I’m new to this business I know I can do it” etc Make it personal and special for yourself
  3. Get your oils out and make your Empowered Blend”to roll on your feet, abdomen or heart every single morning. (I will include the list of oils you will need for each month so you can add any you’re missing to your LRP this month and I have given each oil an alternative so hopefully you can still make your blend with what you have).
  4. Did you love moving your body, shaking off your bad vibes and embracing some energetic movement. This week take the time to feel into your body… yup that sounds super weird right. It’s not! Just hear me out… every day we put our bodies through stuff, from being a busy woman to feeling stress, fear anxiety etc there is so much that happens on the daily and we just push through it all. Don’t get me wrong ignoring things is our way of coping with the everyday. But it’s also important to learn to listen to your body and hear what she has to say to you. What do you react most too, how does the stuff you do make you really feel, what foods does your body not like… maybe you feel tired after you eat something or you notice your gut clench up every time you make plans with certain people? What is your body telling you and are you truly listening???
  5. How well do you eat? Food is medicine and really what we put into out bodies matters! So this week you need concentrate on the ingredients you put into your body. Are you reading the labels? Do you know where it comes from? What exactly are you eating?
  6. How to plan your month: Go and get your calendar out and open it to the month to view plan. For March and April you are going to allocate time in your diary for the following: Work – Most of you will have a super clear idea of the work you need to do now that you’ve set your goals, if not then our mentor call should give you some tangible ‘to-do’s’. In my diary I usually have 2 hours a day set aside and a consistent to-do list that I just keep adding on to. Nothing goes on that list unless it feels right to me or gets me to one of my goals. Teaching – When I first started I had one day a week set aside specifically for classes. That way if anyone asked me to come teach I already knew exactly when I was free and I would fiercely protect those dates and try really hard not to fill them with anything else if I could help it. Now that I have beautiful business babes to work along side my month still has 1 teaching day set aside each week but I split it between classes, teaching the business and teaching online. Family – Yup you need to schedule in your family in this business, if we don’t we can so easily get distracted and forget. So for March & April I want you to find one day a week to slot in proper dedicated family times… like the kind where you leave your phone at home, don’t think about your work or your to-do list and just play with your kids or talk to your partner etc Maybe it’s a dinner date, maybe you take your kids for a walk and actually talk to them with no earphones in or quick Facebook scrolling while they play. Dedicate your attention and your time to your family in a present and conscious way. Rest – For you mind, your soul and your body! I really want you to rest. This can mean different things for everyone but for me it’s stuff like trying to get to be early rather than watching one more episode on Netflix, having a bath after kids are in bed so no one bothers me, doing a yoga session before the kids wake up, a quite cup of ceremonial cacoa while the kids play etc.
    During there scheduled slots you will be using to plan your month there are a few things that you either need to ditch or add
    1. Your phone! I can guarantee you that you can’t work properly, teach properly, rest properly if you have this nugget in your face while you’re doing it. Even if it’s relaxing in the bath or watching your kids in the park, leave this noise creating device alone!
    2. The noise! We’ve talked about this before but if you are sitting down to work and you have seen a thousand other posts and stories about what you should be putting out there into the world the you won’t be using your own voice. So at least 30min before you work or spend time with family or rest, just leave the external inputs at the door. Don’t read anything new or listen to a podcast or scroll through social media.
    3. A to-do list! Now this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so if you hate to-do lists then just bare with me for this course and start one anyway. Maybe it’s a notebook where you jot down your ideas, a post it note pad you scribble on everytime you have a good idea or see something that you want to share or even a to-do list on your phone that you can just update and clear as often as you like. These are how you are going to make sure the time you set aside each day/week is a super productive time. Before I got into this habit I would sit down with an hour to do my work and suddenly I wouldn’t have a clue where to start or what was most important. A to-do list keeps me on track and if I only have 20 min to spare while the kids are resting I know exactly what my prioritise are at all times.

Always plan 2 months ahead, think about how much time you an invest into the various aspects of your life. How much can you invest in your work right now? Your family? Your classes? Yourself?

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