Heart & Hustle week 1

What to do this week:

Each week there will be a few challenges, things to do in your own time and at your own pace.
Grab your diary and schedule in appropriate times for the following things

  1. Our first call was on Sunday 2/2/20 here is a link to the recording
  2. Meditation: This week we are going to be heading to the campfire. I love this meditation and often do it on the morning I’m planning to get stuck into work. It really helps to focus on what I want to do during my power hour each day.
  3. Get your oils out and make your “forget the noise” blend to roll on your feet, abdomen or heart every single morning. (I will include the list of oils you will need for each month so you can add any you’re missing to your LRP this month).
  4. If you want to be successful in this business you need to learn to move your body. This is the absolute best way to ditch the noise, to help get out of any funk you may be feeling or even to help you think and clear your mind better. This week we will be doing 3 yoga practices, to ease us into moving our bodies. I love to do these before a work session or even better after I’ve been sitting at my computer or working on my phone for a bit.
  5. This week we are ditching processed sugar! This toxic substance has been my downfall for as long as I can remember, it makes my mind fee l foggy and often leads to headaches. It causes pain and inflammation to worsen and basically it just isn’t good for your body! Don’t worry of course you can still stick with natural sugars. I love honey and pure maple syrup in my cooking, fruit for when a sweet tooth strikes and healthy yoghurt (Almost all yoghurt has sugar in it so make sure you learn to read your labels as carefully as possible).
  6. Go online, whichever platform you use the most (Facebook & Instagram), and start to look through all your “friends” or the people you “follow”. Now I want you to look at each one  and use your gut instinct to decide if this person is inspiring you, raising you up and making you feel good about yourself… or is it making you feel bad about yourself, making you feel guilty about not doing something a certain way or  leave you not actually feeling good. When you find someone who inspires you or who makes you feel good when you watch or read their content then keep them. Then on Facebook I want you to go to your groups and pages and unlike absolutely every group and page that no longer suits you are fits in with who you want to be by the end of this course. I also want you to go into your emails and unsubscribe from anything that fills up your inbox with trash. Only keep newsletters you actually read and enjoy. This is the biggest job you have this week, this is all I want you to focus on. p.s. when you click on your friends profile on Facebook you can click on the ‘follow’ button and choose to unfollow your friend. They won’t see this it just won’t appear in your newsfeed anymore.

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