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A Dreamy Sleep

How Essential Oils Can Help Children Sleep Better

As parents, we know how essential a good night’s sleep is for our children’s overall well-being and development. But then Bedtime comes around and it’s a fight that no one wins in the long run! Bedtime routines can sometimes be a challenge, with little ones feeling restless or having trouble settling down.

If you’re looking for a natural and gentle way to promote better sleep for your child, essential oils might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

So today we’ll explore the benefits of using essential oils to help children sleep better and I’ve even got five calming diffuser blends to create a dreamy slumber atmosphere.

The Power of Essential Oils for Better Sleep: Essential oils have been used for centuries to support relaxation and improve sleep quality. These aromatic compounds extracted from plants have calming properties that can soothe the mind and body, making them an excellent addition to your child’s bedtime routine.

Here are some ways essential oils can help children sleep better:

1. Calming and Relaxing: Certain essential oils, such as Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Lavender Peace, and Balance have soothing properties that promote relaxation, helping your child wind down after a busy day.

2. Reducing Anxiety and Stress: Essential oils like Bergamot, Madagascar Vanilla and Ylang Ylang can help reduce anxiety and stress, allowing your child to feel more at ease and peaceful before bedtime.

3. Improving Sleep Quality: While Vetiver, Frankincense and Cedarwood support a better quality of sleep. By creating a tranquil and comforting sleep environment, essential oils can improve the overall quality of your child’s sleep, leading to more restful nights.

5 Delightful Diffuser Blends for a Dreamy Slumber:

Sweet Dreams Symphony:

2 drops Lavender

1 Drop Roman Chamomile

1 drop Cedarwood

Nighty Night:

2 Drops Bergamot

2 Drops Lavender

1 Drop Frankincense


2 Drops Lavender Peace

1 drop Ylang Ylnag

1 Drop Vetiver

Cozy Slumber:

2 Drops Roman Chamomile

1 Drop Lavendar

1 Drop Cedarwood

Tranquil Night

2 drops Lavender

1 Drop Balance

1 drop Vetiver

Creating a Dreamy Bedtime Routine: Incorporating essential oils into your child’s bedtime routine can become a cherished and enjoyable ritual for both of you. We just love to make this a gorgeous bonding time for our family and it makes the experience even more delightful:

  1. Create a Calming Atmosphere: Dim the lights and play soft, soothing music to create a peaceful sleep environment. I usually pop the diffuser on in their bedroom before bathtime.
  2. Read a Bedtime Story: Reading a favorite bedtime story together can be a relaxing and bonding experience before sleep.
  3. Massage with Diluted Oils: Consider giving your child a gentle foot or back massage using a diluted essential oil blend to further promote relaxation. For under 5 yrs old we usually use 1 drop of essential oil to 2 tsp of carrier oil. After 5yrs old we up it to 3 drops per 2 tsp and about 3 different essential oils.
  4. Consistency is Key: Establish a consistent bedtime routine to signal to your child’s body that it’s time to wind down and prepare for sleep. Try to stick to a specific time if possible, so if you start your bedtime routine at 7pm try do it every night at 7pm.

Essential oils can be a natural and gentle way to help your child sleep better and enjoy a peaceful rest all night long. By harnessing the calming and relaxing properties of these aromatic wonders, you can create a dreamy bedtime routine that both you and your child will cherish.

Remember to use child-safe essential oils, we only use Doterra essential oils because we can see exactly what goes into each bottle. Follow proper dilution guidelines, and keep the diffuser out of reach to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for your little one. Always dilute essential oils before use, especially when applying them topically. For children, a general rule of thumb is to use 1-2 drops of essential oil per 2 tsp of carrier oil.

With the soothing scents of essential oils and the comfort of your loving presence, your child can drift off to dreamland with ease, waking up refreshed and ready to embrace each new day.

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A passionate content creator, mental health advocate, and an ardent believer in the healing power of essential oils. With a deep-rooted love for holistic wellness, Carlene is excited to share her knowledge and experiences to inspire others on their journey to mental and emotional well-being naturally.

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