BOGO is back!!!

I am so excited for this coming week!

It only happens once or twice a year if we’re lucky and its the absolutely perfect time to get started on your essential oil journey.

But what is BOGO?

Well put really simply if you buy one oil you get the other FREE!

Yup you read that right, but it’s not just a one off opportunity, there are actually 2 rounds happening this time!

On the 18th there will be a BOGO announced and you will have just 2 days to buy it and then again on the 20th a brand new BOGO  will be announced and have 2 days to buy that.

You can choose to buy just 1 BOGO or all that are made available.

How can you buy this amazing Buy One Get One FREE deal?!

If you’re a new customer!

Well this is my favourite time to help you get started, getting the gift of free oils is such a magical way to get your first taste of essential oils for your health and well-being.

So you have 2 options:

  1. Enroll with a membership for $35, add the oils that speak to you the most as well as the oils that are on offer as the “Buy one” (for an extra 25% off) and you get FREE oils… well for free!
  2. Enroll with one of our awesome kits (with an extra 20% off this month), get your membership for free, add the BOGO you want AND get the FREE oils again… for free

In both cases you only have to add the ‘buy one’ oil and the FREE oil will automagically appear in your cart.

This is pretty much the absolute best time to get started!

If you’re an existing customer!

You also have 2 options:

  1. Standard Order – If you don’t have a LRP set up yet that’s totally fine you can still grab the BOGO each day, just add the ‘but one’ oil to your cart and the free oil will automagically appear at check out. Grab all the ‘buy one’ oils and you get all the FREE oils.  The only thing with a standard order is that you don’t earn any points to spend on product the following month.
  2. Loyalty Rewards Order – This is a fabulous way to grab your free oils. Just create a brand new LRP (so you will have 2 sitting in your account), I like to set my date for the 28th of the month, add the ‘buy one’ oils you want to the order. Click on process now and the order will go through immediately. Then when the next BOGO is released you can just do the exact same process again. Once the whole week of BOGO ends, simply go back into the LRP you created for BOGO week and cancel it. That way you won’t effect your awesome current LRP and you will still get to earn points on your BOGO purchases so you can spend them in March.

I am so looking forward to this week and helping you get started if it’s your first time diving into the magical world of oils!

Please feel free to email me at to get you started or hit me up on either Instagram or Facebook.

If you’re already a Doterra customer I hope you have a fun week with all the Buy One Get One FREE excitement.

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